The Frawines®

All the Frawines® are produced with grapes from the farm’s own vineyards, all awarded DOC status. Each wine is produced separately on a small scale from its own “cru”, in other words from grapes of the same variety cultivated in the same vineyard. In the spring following the harvest, the oenologist, Francesco Bordini, assembles the “crus” into a “cuvee”. All the Frawines® are bottled in La Casetta dei Frati winery: the reds in Bordolese bottles with natural cork stoppers and the whites with “Stelvin”® screw caps in a controlled environment, in order to preserve their characteristic aroma and the excellent original freshness. Tough decisions, in this world where wine is increasingly becoming a commodity: to make assessments of your own terroirs without making exceptions, either for the native or for the international, nor again for the varieties of distant terroirs, even though similar to the local ones in soil composition and climate, as attested to by the agronomist Remigio Bordini who introduced the Chardonnay Musqué, now splendidly settled into the hills of alta Romagna. The choice was absolutely clear: to remain in the market with two micro-produced lines, both obtained from single-varietal wines: the RONCHIS, that is the CRUS; and the CUVEES, or the BLENDS.


La Casetta dei Frati, società agricola in n.c. di Maria Adele Ubaldi — via dei Frati 8, 47015 Modigliana (FC)
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